Vacation and Work/Life Benefits

To ensure our associates have an opportunity to relax, revitalize and spend time with family and friends, Major Pharmaceuticals offers the following benefits:


Vacation time with pay is available to regular, full-time associates. We encourage associates to take their vacation each year as this is your opportunity to rest, relax and recuperate.


Eligible associates will receive holiday pay for the following holidays:

Paid Time Off

Because Major Pharmaceuticals recognizes the importance of proper Work/Life balance, it provides paid time off (PTO) to its full time Associates. PTO is earned evenly throughout the year at approximately one day for every month and a half worked, and Associates may earn up to 7 days off annually. New Associates begin earning PTO as of the date of hire and are eligible to use the PTO after the first 90 days of employment.

Work/Life Benefits

To allow our associates to strike the right balance between their professional and personal lives, Major Pharmaceuticals supports flexible work schedules when permitted by the position. Schedules comply with federal and state regulations and are subject to management approval. Flexible and alternative work schedules include telecommuting, flexible hours, compressed workweeks and part-time positions.

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