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Health System Pharmacies

Whether you’re an Integrated Delivery Network (IDN) seeking to create a system-wide formulary, a hospital implementing bedside barcoding to improve patient safety, or a regional purchasing coalition looking to provide your membership with the broadest Rx and OTC portfolio options possible, Major® Pharmaceuticals can provide you with the products and packaging options you need.

Major® Pharmaceuticals is Uniquely Positioned to Support Your Needs

We recognize that health system pharmacies need to address multiple objectives and challenges: Patient safety. Product quality. Consistency of supply. Improved labor efficiency. Cost management. At Major®, we work with our customers to develop customized or co-created solutions to meet your needs.

Your Goal is Our Goal

Improving patient care and increasing the efficiency in which that care is provided is a collaborative effort. Our large portfolio of unit-dose products is barcoded for easy integration into your bedside barcoding systems. Major® Pharmaceuticals offers a broad range of packaging options to meet your various dispensing requirements – including bulk, unit dose and unit of use. Our unit dose packaging works with your automated medication dispensing systems of choice.

Value Creation and Market Expertise

Major® Pharmaceuticals recognizes we are in a “do more with less” era where affordable medication is paramount. We work with our GPO, IDN and health system customers to create unique portfolio solutions that promote and enhance your GPO contract. We are uniquely positioned to help you manage brand to generic conversion, optimize pricing for 340B eligible patients and identify SKU rationalization opportunities.