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Long-Term Care

Skilled nursing. Retirement communities and assisted living. Behavioral health. Each has unique populations and characteristics, requiring specific formularies and dispensing requirements, but all share the same concerns regarding standard of care, operational efficiency and cost containment. Major® Pharmaceuticals supports these needs by offering a broad product portfolio, reliable, high quality supply and workflow-friendly packaging.

Long-Term Care Means Many Things

Whether you’re a large independent living facility or serve a limited patient set with specialized needs, we understand that you seek to provide high quality, cost effective care to support improved health outcomes and quality of life.

Portfolio Breadth and Value

We offer over 1,000 SKUs with an industry leading unit dose product portfolio. Our Rugby® product line features OTC products across the spectrum of therapeutic classes. This portfolio breadth allows for the creation of targeted formularies that meets individual facilities’ needs.

High Quality, Consistent Product

Value should never come at the expense of product integrity or consistency. We manage a robust supply chain – working exclusively with leading manufacturers and employing strict quality control measures – to deliver all three.