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Major® OTC Solutions

A full line to stock your shelves

Major® Pharmaceuticals distributes and markets a full line of brand-comparable OTC products that offer attractive cost margins and high quality. We work exclusively with leading generic manufacturers, assuring that our customers and their patients receive the highest quality products available.

Our products and packaging formats meet the needs of:

  • Hospitals, integrated delivery networks & group purchasing organizations;
  • Long-term care facilities;
  • Government agencies, facilities and programs; and
  • Retail chain and independent pharmacies.

Your Quality Source for Non-Rx Products

Our goal is to supply an extensive inventory at competitive prices. Solid relationships with top generic manufacturers position us to provide significant cost savings over branded equivalents on everything from acetaminophen, antacids and allergy meds to vitamins and minerals. Between our Major® and Rugby® lines, we offer over 750 SKUs – including capsules, tablets, topicals and liquids – in bottle, unit dose and unit of use form.

We understand that dispensing needs can change and we have the bottle sizes to accommodate. Need large count bottles of one product, but have a relatively small order for another OTC item? No problem; we can accommodate you. We deliver package counts from 100 to 1,000.


Whether you are a retail pharmacy looking to reduce costs and offer customers more options or a long-term care facility requiring consistent inventory and bulk quantities, Major® Pharmaceuticals can help.

Your one-stop source for brand-comparable OTC bottled products, Major® has the scale to offer the most competitive pricing on the full range of items you want to stock. We’ve invested 30 years in building relationships with the industry’s most reputable generic manufacturers, ensuring reliable supply and access to new product pipelines.

With an emphasis on maximum cost savings, flexibility and quality, Major®’s OTC solutions help you operate at peak profitability and efficiency, while never compromising patient health and safety.

Unit Dose

Major® understands the multiple concerns and challenges that healthcare providers face: Patient safety. Medication inventory management. Regulatory compliance. Labor efficiency. Cost containment. Our robust portfolio of brand-comparable OTC medications addresses these requirements, in packaging that is very organization-friendly.

A key advantage of Major® is that we have one of the broadest unit dose portfolios in the industry – with a large selection of top OTCs, including vitamins and minerals. We offer the product breadth and market expertise to meet your OTC needs. And we work with the top manufacturers to help provide greater supply continuity and integrity. We follow rigorous quality and compliance processes, and routinely put our manufacturing and supplier partners through quality and qualification audits.

Our packaging fits with most automated dispensing machines; no need for special equipment and machinery. Blister packs are designed for maximum stability and shelf life. Moreover, we equip you for BCMA compliance, with products that are barcoded down to the dose and will soon seamlessly integrate with serialization and tracking systems.

Unit of Use

OTC unit of use products eliminate some of the typical pharmacy dispensing tasks that come with standard bottle packaging. In addition to reducing cost and labor, our unit of use offering is designed to reduce human error, increase patient safety and support continuity of care.

Whether you’re a consolidated mail order pharmacy, a retail pharmacy or government facility, Major® can help you achieve:

  • Cost Savings. Our ready-to-dispense packaging offers the convenience of pre-measured quantities of the most popular OTC medications, including oral solids, topicals and liquids.
  • Increased Efficiency. We focus on making life easier in the dispensary; for example, designing packaging that fits neatly on the shelf without falling, with color-coded labels positioned so they’re clearly visible at a glance. We also offer a range of unit of use packaging counts, which can accommodate dispensaries that have a strong need for non-traditional, non-retail size packages. This frees pharmacy staff from the time – and potential error – of counting pills.