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Major® Rx Solutions

Generic Rx Solutions from Major®

Major® Pharmaceuticals strives to solve the unique needs of institutional and retail buyers of generic prescription drugs. A leader in generic Rx products for three decades, our balanced portfolio of high-quality generic capsule, tablet and liquid medications helps you achieve better purchasing cost economies. We have long-standing relationships with all of the top generic manufacturers, across all product types, which gives you more choice and flexibility. Major® offers over 200 Rx SKUs – products that are AB rated to national brands in quality, formula and effectiveness. We also provide packaging that fits your specific facility’s operational goals and workflows. Ask your wholesaler for Major® products and programs to drive greater value for your pharmacy and patients.


Major® Pharmaceuticals is your source for generic Rx bottle products, offering highly competitive pricing and availability for a large number of generic pharmaceutical products. And, our packaging is designed to meet the distinct needs of retail and institutional environments.

Flexible Rx Solutions For the Way You Work.

As a leading generic provider for the last three decades, we understand the way our hospital, retail pharmacy, long-term care and government customers operate. For instance, flexible ordering is no problem: we can accommodate changing inventory needs with bulk quantities up to 1,000 count bottles. Our goal is to fit neatly into your workflow to cover the broadest array of generic Rx products and therapeutic classes – and help you improve efficiency, cost effectiveness, patient safety and compliance.

Unit Dose

Major® Pharmaceuticals specializes in unit dose packaging solutions for generic Rx products to help hospitals reduce errors, boost efficiency and keep up with changing industry trends and regulatory standards.

Quality and Safety

Patient safety is first and foremost in any healthcare setting. At Major®, we put a lot of resources into quality control and compliance. Following FDA requirements, every product is put through a rigorous set of processes and procedures to make sure it’s completely safe and tamper-resistant. We also maintain strong relationships with generic manufacturers and suppliers who we routinely audit to ensure compliance with our standards.

Operational Efficiency

Our unit dose packaging not only works with most automated dispensing systems; it’s also designed so that the pharmacy doesn’t have to open the main package to scan for inventory management.

FDA-Compliant, Individual Unit Barcoding

The ability to track and trace products in real time is critical to patient safety. In fact, bedside barcoding will soon become mandatory for hospitals. Our unit dose packaging helps satisfy bedside barcoding requirements, as it is barcoded down to the dose, and integrates easily with existing BMV, BCMA and eMAR technologies. These barcoded solutions also eliminate the need for manual inventory management processes, reducing time, costs and errors.

Unit of Use

As indicated in a 2012 study by the Temple University School of Pharmacy1, unit of use packaging can reduce the time it takes to fill prescriptions, as well as potentially reduce the number of counting errors. Major®’s ready-to-dispense unit of use packaging creates efficiencies by saving the pharmacy both time and money when dispensing prescription drug products.

We offer a range of unit of use packaging counts, with carefully designed packaging that has color coded labels for clear, at-a-glance differentiation of therapeutic class. And our packaging fits neatly on the shelf, offering easier storage.

Major® offers an extremely comprehensive breadth of products in capsule, pill, liquid, and topical form. We are the second largest supplier on the Federal Supply Schedule (FSS), with over 700 products. Because we work with top generic manufacturers across the pharmaceutical spectrum, pharmacies have access to top quality products at competitive margins, and can tap into a broader product pipeline.

1 Tiffany So and Albert Wertheimer, Ph.D., “Unit of Use vs Traditional Bulk Packaging”. Innovations Publication, Temple University School of Pharmacy. June 2012 [pg. 1].